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Today Ink Bomb (NL) releases acoustic Bad Cop/Bad Cop-cover for charity

The Dutch punk band Ink Bomb is selling a cover song for charity as of today: “Broken” by Bad Cop/Bad Cop. The Nijmegen foursome are donating all proceeds to their local food bank.

Listen to Ink Bomb’s version of Broken here:
Ink Bomb – Broken (Bad Cop/Bad Cop cover)
Releasing a cover for charity around Christmas time has become sort of a tradition after four previous occasions. The growing problems the Covid-19 pandemic is causing in their own city has encouraged the band to set up a similar project in May to try and contribute to helping the people affected.

Front person Joost Hoedemaeckers explains: “Via the Food Bank Nijmegen Overbetuwe donations are going towards the people who need them the most. On one end you see more and more people turning towards the food bank because, for example, their income has evaporated. On the other hand you see supermarkets dealing with less surplus food that can be donated to food banks. More money is needed to be able to keep offering people complete food packages.”

“Also, all our previous plans were suddenly gone,” elaborates bass player Arina Banga. “Shows were cancelled, rehearsels were scrapped. This project was also a way to keep busy as a band.”

Recorded at a distance
For this fifth edition Ink Bomb chose a new work method: this time the cover wasn’t recorded in the Fiction Studio of Ink Bomb guitarist Quirijn Foeken as were previous instances.
“The situation made it so that we couldn’t come together to record. Guitar tracking was done in my studio. Joost build a small recording set-up at his own home to records vocals. This way you don’t have the normal interaction you would have in a studio but that fits the times we are now living in.”

Buying the cover
The cover free for streaming on the band’s Bandcamp. Anyone who wants to buy the song as an MP3 and donate to the Food Bank Nijmegen Overbetuwe in this way can do so in either of two ways:
– Deposit a minimum of 3 euros before July 1st in the following account: NL76TRIO0379211440 (Q.O.B. Foeken) and be sure to mention your email address and the words ‘pandemic donation’. Ink Bomb will send you the MP3 via email.
– Buy the cover via Ink Bomb’s Bandcamp page via Paypal or your credit card.
100% of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank Nijmegen Overbetuwe.

Listen to Ink Bomb’s version of Broken here: