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You hereby invited to listen to the new Ink Bomb record ” Saudade” to review it for your publication. Do you have a question? Or do you want to do an interview? Drop us a message at

About Saudade

‘Saudade’, Portuguese for ‘longing’, will be available on tasteful blue-colored vinyl and at all streaming services. This release is a co-op with two labels: Horn & Hoof Records (UK) and Keep it a Secret (DE).

‘Saudade’ contains a more melancholic and raw sound and feeling. This melancholy is also evident in Lynn Gommans’ design, influenced by the rough but beautiful Atlantic coast of Portugal.

With the new album Ink Bomb broadens its horizon, with indie, hardcore, grunge and even some new wave influences. But there are still plenty of mosh bangers for the average punk fan. If you listen to the album opener Pressure Cooker and more classic punk single Tough Cookie, it’s evident that the band is still full of energy. Perhaps more than ever.

About Ink Bomb

The Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb will release their second album Saudade on April 3. Four singles and accompanying videos for this sophomore album have already been released. The new songs contain the signature Ink Bomb sound: fast, aggressive songs that don’t always follow the standard song structure or punk rock clichés, but do always contain beautiful melodies and a refreshing dose of melancholy.

Ink Bomb loves playing live: from sweaty basements throughout Europe to cool festivals. The band is an active live band at home and is also eager when it comes to foreign tours. Belgium, Germany, Denmark and England have all been exposed to the Bad Religion and No Fun At All inspired Ink Bomb sound. Furthermore the band have played several festivals including the prestigious Valkhof festival in their home town Nijmegen, Jera On Air and Haltpop. They have shared the stage with bands like The Toy Dolls, SNFU, The Last Gang, I Against I, MakeWar and Martha.

Ink Bomb has released new music almost every year in its existence. The latest release was a split album with No Breakfast Goodbye (2021). In that same year the band also rerecorded their classic song “Invincible Summer.” Earlier releases include debut album Fiction (2019), ep Swim (2017), ep Invincible Summer (2016) and several acoustic covers for charity.

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