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New singles Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye will be released on March 25th

Dutch punk rock bands Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye are back with new tracks! Both bands will release new singles March 25th: Mutilation Boy (Ink Bomb) and The Losers Club (No Breakfast Goodbye). Both songs are from an upcoming split album that will be released later this year in cooperation with Horn & Hoof Records (United Kingdom), Dental Records (Canada) and Concrete Head (United States).

  This is going to be the first cooperation with record labels for Ink Bomb after self-releasing their debut album Fiction (2019) and the EPs Swim (2017) and Invincible Summer (2016). Lead singer Joost Hoedemaeckers: “We want to take a step forward with every new release. Until now we have done everything ourselves. By working with these amazing record labels, we think our music will be heard by a lot more people.”
No Breakfast Goodbye released their first two singles back in 2019 as part of the Punkathon #2 compilation album. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic and the cancelation of live shows, the band decided to devote themselves to writing new music. The fact that both bands had similar plans for the future turned out to be a happy coincidence. No Breakfast Goodbye singer Simon Janssen: “We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to continue making music last year. By collaborating on this release, we’ve been able to achieve more than both bands would have been able to separately.”

Mutilation Boy and The Losers Club will be released as lyric videos on March 25th and will be available on all major streaming platforms.