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It’s been an Invincible Summer…

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It has been two months since Ink Bomb released its debut EP Invincible Summer. We’ve had a lot of positive responses and for that we thank each and everyone who voiced their opinion. Some of the reviews and interviews we did on the occasion of this release will be linked below:

Dying Scene: ” … tunes that roll quickly and make you want more after it is all said and done.”
VPRO’s 3voor12 (dutch): “With Invincible Summer Ink Bomb has issued a calling card it can be proud of. Energetic songs delivering the best of the 90’s punk tradition.”
Alter Alert: “The crunchy bass lines, loud punkrock guitars and a chameleon vocals is what makes this record so interesting and unique.” “…cause Ink Bomb makes some damn good melodic skate- and poppunk and sounds like a band that you might find on Epitah or Fat Wreck Chords.”
Lluid (dutch): ”An indefeatable piece of work that puts heart and soul into speed a la Bad Religion and NOFX but also looks beyond that. ”
Disagreement: “For those of you who miss the good old days of melodic punk rock, before it was taken over by commercial acts that appealed more to the masses than to the underground, you will have something surprisingly good to discover with Ink Bomb’s Invincible Summer.”

And check out these interviews (click on the links):
VPRO’s 3voor12 (dutch);
Local broadcaster N1 – report (tv-report; dutch).