6 October 2012


When the members of Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb stepped in their practice space for the first time in 2015, they never met before. Fast forward a few years later and the band released two EPs, three singles for different charities and finally their debut album Fiction. Fiction is the culmination of their hard work over these past few years and showcases the band’s trademark sound: fast, aggressive songs that might not always follow standard song structure, but always features great melodies with a healthy dose of melancholy.

The release of the EPs Invincible Summer (2016) and Swim (2017) piqued the interest of people from many corners of the earth, leading to shows in multiple countries as well as praise in a variety of magazines, websites, radioshows and podcasts. The band has been compared to scene veterans such as Bad Religion, No Fun At All, Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.

Another defining trademark of Ink Bomb is their preference to do everything themselves: recording and mixing songs, writing press releases, booking shows and releasing records. This might originate from the DIY ethos in the punk rock scene but is probably a result of their stubbornness. The effort that the band puts in in creating Fiction, resulted in a record that is above all a perfect representation of everything that is Ink Bomb.

Their songs, reminiscent of Bad Religion and No Fun At All, reflect the journey each band member made in their life, and the journey the band made as a whole. Even in the most upbeat happy poppunk song there’s room for melancholy and dark lyrics.

(c) Photo by Matthijs Mekking

  • Vocals: Joost Hoedemaeckers
  • Bass: Arina Banga
  • Drums: Paul van de Geijn
  • Guitar: Quirijn Foeken