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Ink Bomb - Dutch Punk Rock

Ink Bomb is a Dutch punk rock band that has been making waves and working hard since its inception in 2015. The band will release their second album Saudade on April 3, which fits their hard-working DIY ethos since they released something new and exciting at least every year. They shared many stages with great bands like The Toy Dolls, SNFU and The Last Gang. At first listen, Ink Bomb plays typical nineties skate punk. But they added a new vibe: melancholy creeps into the fresh-faced songs, intensified by powerful playing and odd song structure.

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19-04-2024: De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (RECORD RELEASE SHOW!)
09-05-2024: Willemeen, Arnhem (supporting No Fun At All)
31-05-2024: Mezz, Breda
22-06-2024: TBA
07-09-2024: TBA
31-08-2024: Karo, Bremen (DE)
29-09-2024: Kid’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Kaffee, Antwerp (BE)
30-11-2024: Rockcafé, Sneek

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