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Ink Bomb releases acoustic Bad Religion cover for charity today

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Dutch punk band Ink Bomb is selling a cover for charity from today. This year the Nijmegen foursome has chosen for their own acoustic take on the Bad Religion song Cease. They are selling this at a minimum price of 3 euros. The band will donate all proceeds to Brigada de Alter, an organization that tries to combat forest fires in the Amazone.

Listen to Cease here

Live recording
For this fourth edition of their annual donation cover Ink Bomb chose a new approach: “This year we wanted to challenge ourselves. Normally we’d record with just guitar and vocals but now we wanted a full band co-op. That’s why we also used bass, percussion and keys. We also had the opportunity to collaboratively record in a studio. This enhances the intimacy as well as the live-feel of the song,” according to guitarist Quirijn Foeken.

Instore tour in Nijmegen (NL)
To garner more attention for this release Ink Bomb will be performing several sets in the city center of their home town Nijmegen on December 22. “The fun thing is that people cannot only donate online but also in real life,” explains bassist Arina Banga. The instore tour takes the band to library De Mariënburg, record store Waaghals and comic store Señor Hernandez.

Brigada de Alter is a voluntary fire department group, that partly consists of members who live in tribal communities in the Amazone. Because of measures taken by the current Brazilian government the Amazone forests are facing more and more pressure. In coordination with the punk rock charity Minor Operation Donations the proceeds will be used to buy safety gear, oxygen masks and helmets for the organization.

Buying the cover
Everyone can listen to the cover for free on Bandcamp. Whoever wants to buy the song as an MP3 and in this way wants to donate to Brigada de Alter, can do so in two ways
– Transfer 3 euros to account number NL76TRIO0379211440 with name Q.O.B. Foeken with reference to ‘donation2019’ and your mail address. In this way the whole amount is donated to Brigada de Alter. The band will send you the MP3 by mail.
– Buy the cover on Ink Bomb’s Bandcamp page using Paypal or a credit card. Because Bandcamp and Paypal charge administration costs 70% of the donated amount via this route will be donated to Brigada de Alter.

You can donate up until January 9.

Listen to Cease here