Ink Bomb hails from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Their music can be described as a mix of Bad Religion, Pears and No Fun At All. Each of the band members had previous band experience from well known local dutch acts such as Superhero-NL, Planet Eyelash and Anders Niemand. The first result of the practice sessions that followed: a self recorded demo containing an explosion of feisty punk rock and crunchy guitar lines, pounding bass, a drummer on a continuous overdrive and enthusiastic vocal work from a singer suffering from a healthy dose of Weltschmerz.

Tentative highlight: the presentation of the debut-EP Invincible Summer on September 24th 2016 in a heated and crowded De Onderbroek in Nijmegen. The EP, as well as the trade mark blue sun visor, was quickly sold out that night. Ink Bomb closed off 2016 by recording an acoustic Descendents cover, selling that online and donate all the proceeds to a local charity. New plans and shows are conceived for the coming year. 2017 looks to be an exciting year for the band.


  • Vocals: Joost Hoedemaeckers
  • Bass: Arina Banga
  • Drums: Paul van de Geijn
  • Guitar: Quirijn Foeken


Band logo & design: Gerben Boersma * Band photo's: Arian Stoetzer