Top 5 Ink Bomb moments of 2017

2017 was an unforgettable year for us, with highs and lows, and yes, we even shed a tear or two. These are the 5 steepest and deepest highs and lows of last year:

5. Unironically releasing an acoustic cover of Cyndi Laupers Time After Time. To benefit a good cause: the Surf Project, for children with ADHD, autism and Down-syndrome. You can still donate!

4. Having the honor to open for the legendary SNFU (together with The Unsinkable, Periot and Bitter Grounds). Backstage we were even allowed to touch the furry hat adorned SNFU vocalist, Mr. Chi Pig. And each other…

3. Releasing our very first music video. It included an actor, a cauldron of emotions and more blinds than you can imagine.

2. Embarking on a three day tour through jolly old England together with our pals from You Want Fox. It was our first time, but we’re already yearning for more.

1. Releasing our 2nd EP Swim, only to discover people actually like it! And of course its release show where we went for the emotional jugular together with STARK and Dowzer.

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INK BOMB covers Cyndi Lauper for a good cause…

Just like last year, we will be selling an acoustic cover to support a good cause. This year, we chose to cover a number 1 hit from the eigthies: Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. The song is for sale for 2 euros and all proceeds will be donated to the Surf Project, a volunteer initiative that supports children with autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome by giving them surf lessons.
Anyone who wants to buy the song in MP3 version and contribute to the Surf Project ( this way, can do so in two ways. You can transfer two euro’s to NL77INGB0005639378. in name of Q.O.B. Foeken. Be sure to mention “donation 2017” and your email address. The other way of buying the song is via Ink Bomb’s Bandcamp page by using PayPal or a credit card. Because these two organizations charge administration costs 70% of each purchase via this route will go to the Surf Project.


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Ink Bomb releases video and single “The Bleachers”

The Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb has released their first music video. The video will accompany the song “The Bleachers”, which is the new single from their upcoming second EP Swim. Check out the video here:

The Bleachers is taken from their new EP Swim, which will be released on October 23. Swim was recorded and mixed by guitarist Quirijn Foeken, just like their previous recordings. The EP has been mastered by Bill Henderson from Azimuth Mastering. At the end of October, the band will celebrate the release with a release show. Details for this show will be announced at a later date.

For this mucis video, Ink Bomb teamed up with camera man and video director Sanne Nijenhuis, who previously created videos for local hiphop artists Breekpunt and Anders Niemand.

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The world is watching…

Ink Bomb is scheduled to appear on “The world is watching”, a global compilation of bands with songs venting the anger and worry about the current state of US politics dominated by walking pus boil Donald Trump and his like-minded supporters. Initiator Squidhat Records added our song “Survey Says” to the tracklist. This release marks the first time Ink Bomb will be featured on a vinyl release! Our Go here to pre order your vinyl or CD version:

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First leg of the NL/UK tour is done!

The first leg of our NL-UK tour with You Want Fox is over. Last show at Cafe De Wacht in Arnhem was awesome. In October we will be visiting them in the UK and play three shows over there. To quote the Replacements: “Can’t hardly wait.”

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Ink Bomb & You Want Fox on tour!

From the official news telex…

Punk rock band Ink Bomb will be touring in the UK from 6 to 9 October. The band from Nijmegen will play three shows: in Birmingham, Nottingham and probably Derby. Previously, the band already has played shows abroad. However, this is their first tour abroad. “We are looking forward to it. The ferry has already been booked!”, said singer Joost Hoedemaeckers.

But first, the British grunge punk duo You Want Fox comes over to the Netherlands. From 22 to 24 June, the band will play together with Ink Bomb in venues at the east of the country: Groningen, Heerlen and Arnhem. Bass player Arina Banga still knew the musicians for a few years. “I played in another band before and the members of You Want Fox too. We then set up some weekend tours together, which worked out well. When they invited us to play in the UK a couple of months ago, we immediately said yes.”

The latest Ink Bomb material:

YOU WANT FOX – Check the music videos of Liar Liar, Queen Bee and Bad Girls:

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June Weekendtour!

It’s going to be an incredible summer! The British duo You Want Fox is coming over and we will join them on a weekend tour spanning most of the eastern part of the Netherlands. See you at these shows!

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A belated happy 2017!

copyright Matthijs Mekking

A belated happy 2017 to everyone. It’s shaping up to be a good year. We already played some cool shows in January and February and we’re having some great plans for the rest of the year. Without a doubt, the biggest party was the show at the Willemeen in Arnhem where we played with The Unsinkable, Periot, Bitter Grounds and Canadian punk veterans SNFU.

One of our goals for 2017 is to play more shows (some have been confirmed). Also, we’re working on new recordings and have plans to record our first music video. Hopefully, we’ll see you at one of our shows or in some other capacity! We’ll have some more regular updates on social media so keep in touch. [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]

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Ink Bomb sells acoustic cover for a good cause!


Between December 20 and January 20 Dutch punkrockers Ink Bomb will be selling their own acoustic version of the classic “Nothing with you” by the Descendents. Price: 1 euro. The band will donate all of the proceeds to the Kledingbank Nijmegen, a local initiative which helps people below the poverty line with free clothing bundles.

Kledingbank Nijmegen
The choice to donate to the Kledingbank was easily made. Vocalist Joost Hoedemaeckers works there as a volunteer coordinator on a weekly basis. He knows the organization can always use outside support. “Clients of the Kledingbank come in from all kinds of organizations like Stichting Gast, Refugee Work, the local food banks and the Salvation Army. They all receive a clothing bundle of which undergarments and socks are new. This of course requires funding.”

DIY recorded
Just as with previous INK BOMB releases this Descendents cover was recorded and mixed in the studio of guitarist Quirijn Foeken. Because of this there were no production costs for this Christmas release and the total proceeds will benefit the clients of the Kledingbank Nijmegen.

Buying the cover…
The acoustic version of Nothing With you is free to stream for everyone on Bancamp: Whoever wants to buy the song in MP3 form and donate to the Kledingbank Nijmegen, can do this in one of two ways:
You can transfer 1 euro to Dutch bank account number NL26 RABO 0120 3305 12 in the name of J.A.P. Hoedemaeckers. Be sure to mention ‘donation 2016’ and your e-mail address in the comments section of your bank transfer. The band will send you the mp3 by e-mail. This way we can donate the total amount to the Kledingbank.
The second way to purchase the song is by ordering it via the bands Bandcamp page either with PayPal or a credit card. Because of administration costs Bandcamp charges, only 70 cents of every purchase can be donated to the Kledingbank.


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It’s been an Invincible Summer…

It has been two months since Ink Bomb released its debut EP Invincible Summer. We’ve had a lot of positive responses and for that we thank each and everyone who voiced their opinion. Some of the reviews and interviews we did on the occasion of this release will be linked below:

Dying Scene: ” … tunes that roll quickly and make you want more after it is all said and done.”
VPRO’s 3voor12 (dutch): “With Invincible Summer Ink Bomb has issued a calling card it can be proud of. Energetic songs delivering the best of the 90’s punk tradition.”
Alter Alert: “The crunchy bass lines, loud punkrock guitars and a chameleon vocals is what makes this record so interesting and unique.” “…cause Ink Bomb makes some damn good melodic skate- and poppunk and sounds like a band that you might find on Epitah or Fat Wreck Chords.”
Lluid (dutch): ”An indefeatable piece of work that puts heart and soul into speed a la Bad Religion and NOFX but also looks beyond that. ”
Disagreement: “For those of you who miss the good old days of melodic punk rock, before it was taken over by commercial acts that appealed more to the masses than to the underground, you will have something surprisingly good to discover with Ink Bomb’s Invincible Summer.”

And check out these interviews (click on the links):
VPRO’s 3voor12 (dutch);
Local broadcaster N1 – report (tv-report; dutch).

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Debut EP announced

Dutch melodic punkrock band INK BOMB will be releasing its debut-EP Invincible Summer on september 20th. It will be available in a CD version and via all known streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes, etc. The release show will take place on the 24th of september at the former squat house De Onderbroek in Nijmegen and will also feature performances by He Said No and The Biarritz Boys. More info on the release show can be found here.

Invincible Summer contains 6 new songs including two versions of the song “Stale”: a full-band version as well as a more subdued, acoustic version. The drums were tracked with the help of Kees de Waal at the Nijmegen bar Weerlicht. The other instruments were tracked and mixed by the band themselves in a sweaty attic. Mastering was done by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound.


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Nearing completion…


That’s a wrap. Toil. Sweating. Slogging like a car stuck in the mud. Like a Vierdaagse-walker on their last day. The drum tracking in the cafe, the bass tracking on the hottest day of the year. Layers of guitar like layer cake. Singing as if your life depended on it. Giving everything for that ‘fuck the system’-attitude. But then the real fun starts: the mixing. Listening, listening, listening some more. A small dip at 200Hz. Boost at 2k. Again and again adjusting the compressor attack. Listen again.

But then you take a step back. Three months of work compressed into ten minutes of blistering punkrock. Six brand new tracks that sound awesome. Coming soon…

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Bass tracks new EP!


The bass tracks for the new EP are done! Qurijns attic in Elst was once again warm and sultry but we pulled it off! Thanks to Merijn St. Rosa for lending us his bass pedal 😉 Next up: guitar and vocals!

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New EP-recordings!

This month Ink Bomb will begin recording its first EP. All instruments will be tracked by the band members in DIY fashion so expect attics, dark hellholes and urinals. Everyone know all the big names record their guitar parts in a toilet for that epic ‘Eagles reverb’.

The EP will contain 5 new songs. Drummer Paul will possibly even contribute his percussion including a shaker egg and organ playing for even more destructive melodies! Besides that we will also look at the possibilities of a physical release (tips for a small budget approach are very welcome: Naturally we will provide you with a truck load of spam once we get closer to release.

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Radio N1 and American Jesus! **UPDATED**

We were a guest on the N1 radio show “N1 Live” on friday. Amongst other things we played an acoustic version of one of our songs. Hosts Bart & Jeske even played a Bad Religion song on air. Awesome! Listen to the acoustic song on Youtube:


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